Apr 29, 2011

I was borrrrrn

Apr 27, 2011


I'm dumb and shot this roll of dumb Ilford FP4, without having a hookup on getting it processed. So I paid dumb money to get it sent off for a month to get done. Dumb. Here are some photos from awhile ago. There are lot's of little characters on the photos. Check those out too. Thanks
 (as always, click to see the rest)

-Eric McHenry!!!!!!

Apr 24, 2011


poor fool

Apr 22, 2011


A few photos left from the San Francisco trip.
The quality of these photos is retarded.
I wanted to go to the driving range for my birthday
Corey Cady at the press in Claremont.
Erica surprised me with a birthday party in Huntington. I've never had a surprise birthday before. I highly recommend it.
Thanks for coming!
Thanks for coming!
Thanks for coming!
Liquor milkshake?! Thanks for coming!
Sebastian! Thanks for coming!
Magggggi! Thanks for coming!
Brad is unfocusable.
Mikal, Jimmy, and Gary rode mopeds like 50 miles to show up. Ruling.
Angels game in the morning.
Got a no seatbelt ticket.  Tight

I knew you well, I know you best
Everybody owes something to everybody else
Gabriel gave me some news to give to you
Maybe taken for granted, you've nothing better to do

Apr 14, 2011

Gold Cowboy


Apr 8, 2011

Over there, It's raining

I have a zine that's ready to be printed. I think I'll give them away. Let me know. ericmchenry@gmail.com
Here's a scan of Charles Manson on bike.

Apr 5, 2011


San Francisco mega post.
Vetiver - Can't You Tell

D. Plunkett
Cullen and Blair. xo
Pork Store forever.
Brad going hard at the Flower Shop.
Kevin came through.
Holmes came through.
Derek Jeter
Capt. Tadpole