Jul 22, 2011

Walk the night

Random iPhone post.

Jul 21, 2011

Lucian Freud

"Lucian Freud, whose stark and revealing paintings of friends and intimates, splayed nude in his studio, recast the art of portraiture and offered a new approach to figurative art, died on Wednesday night at his home in London. He was 88."

The best.
Lucian painting Leigh Bowery
 "Bowery Back"
"Portrait of Peter Watson, Head and Shoulders"

 "Woman in a White Shirt"
 "Portrait of Kitty Garman"
 "Eli David"
"Double Portrait"

Jul 19, 2011

Ban This

Jul 18, 2011


Jul 14, 2011


Jul 12, 2011

You'll See it

Del Mar California on the fourth of July.

Jul 8, 2011

A+D Come In: Film

My first Los Angeles art show opened last night. Thank you Insight, A+D museum and everyone that came out and invited people and tweeterd and whatever. The crowd was prodigious and thirsty. The booze was gone quick. I had a lot of great talks with folks and I definitely felt the love. I have awesome friends. Thank you.
Pierre and Vinny
Arnell and Adrian
David Money Munoz
A lot going on in this photo. Marque triple fisting.
Matt poaching boobs.
Matt, Maggi and a baby, Erica, Daniel, Adri, Erin and Paul.
This band jamming all night. They were tight.
Danielle and Rae
Listen to Lee's band. Trash Talk!
Insight's Keegan Fong, favorite dude out. And Anthony Pshebelski, who came and skated everything. He rips. Hey Morgan!<---------<<<He shot a lot of photos.
Mikal made the trip from SF.
Matt, Lee, Mikal, David, Adrian, Arnell, Marque, Daniel, Me, Randy
Aaron Wiggs. Best model, best dude, thanks for coming.
Went to Tony's afterwards.

All photos taken with a Yashica T4

A+D Come In: Digital

 More photos if you click...

Jul 3, 2011

Jul 1, 2011


Colorado River

Billy Marks' Pro Spotlight. hahaha
All shot with a Canon AE1.