Mar 29, 2012

Get your stoke up

"Certainly the Best"

North Carolinian and one hell of a banjo man, Earl Scruggs past away in Nashville yesterday. He was 88. 

Mar 27, 2012

Where we going?

Look a-yonder coming Mix

I've been noticing a lot of train talk in the stuff I've been listening to. So I had to get a playlist going. You can download it here if you'd like.

Mar 26, 2012

Kiss in Spring

Mar 21, 2012

Mar 19, 2012

David Shrigley

Stussy - David Shrigley from Stussy on Vimeo.

"I sort of realized that it was kind of permissible to actually present a drawing, a scruffy drawing, like the ones that I make, as a finished artwork in a gallery. I was like 'OH, I'm allowed to do that? Cool, I'll do that then' ".

Feel Free

Duane Pitre "Feel Free" from GREG HUNT on Vimeo.

"All shots double exposed entirely in-camera on 16mm film."

Excellent stuff.

Mar 13, 2012

Mar 12, 2012


Mar 9, 2012


Mar 8, 2012

Mar 5, 2012

Way Back In '49 | Sweet-Orr

 I've been praising this logo all morning. Thought I'd throw it here for you to nerd out on. 

Mar 2, 2012


Luca della Robbia - Ritratto di giovanetto (1445)